Useful Supplies / Lost Property


Please DO NOT bring in:

Electronic devices such as iPods, cell phones, and/or iPads etc. Also, playing cards, any collecting cards (such as hockey cards, pokemon cards, etc.), matches or lighters, any unnecessary valuables/money, aerosol sprays, mobile phones and toys. 

 Every student must look after his or her belongings and whenever possible not leaving them unattended.  Any property unattended is left at the owner's risk.

Lost Property:

If a student has lost any item, he or she must make sure to have a thorough look for it in all the classrooms or areas of the school that he or she have visited or used.  Property found in and around the school is kept in the Lost and Found outside the Secretary office, so he or she may check there as well.  Named property can always be returned to its rightful owner quickly; therefore every student must label all his or her belongings.  Unclaimed property is usually stored for a term before it is given to local charity shops or discarded.